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This blog is my contribution to the growing community of  religious ‘middle path-ers’: folks who are neither staunch atheists nor fundamentalists; those who either already have some form of faith, or who would like to find a genuine spirituality in their lives that does not ask them to give up their capacity to reason and question.  This blog is also written for those who find themselves in between Christianity and Judaism, since as I explain in my story I was raised a secular Jew and later discovered a form of spirituality through studying about Jesus. My faith, and the way I live my life, is now a hybrid between Christianity and Judaism in what I call Jistianity. Finally this blog is written for parents. I am a mother of three young children. I have an MBA and worked for Internet start-ups until a few years ago when I decided to stop working to enjoy my children while I still could (i.e. before they become teenagers) and to have some time to read and write. This blog contains my reflections on my life, and the reading I do on subjects of religion, philosophy and science.

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  1. Charles McDowell says:

    Delivery Boy Paradox
    You are the pizza delivery driver and your boss tells you your job is to deliver every pizza I make to the address I give you. Then he gives you a G.P.S. to help you reach your destination. You type in the address on the G.P.S. and it shows you on the screen where to go and how to get there. You follow that path with little belief that this device will be able to show you where to go but you try it any way. When the device said final destination, you look up expecting to see the address you want but what you see is a completely wrong house, you are actually a block away from where you want to go. You tell yourself this thing does not work, so you shut it off and try to figure it out for yourself. You start to see that you are not aware of every road, and it leads to a series of u-turns, and wrong houses. Each day again and again more wrong turns and houses, which equal’s less money for you. Then it clicks, if you can use your knowledge of the roads, plus the G.P.S. then you can eliminate most of your wrong turns. The G.P.S. will not get you to the exact location and you will still miss a turn from time to time but it always will lead you in the right direction.
    Address=personal happiness
    G.P.S=Balance of Science and Faith

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