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Love the Bully, Hate the Bullying

I recently saw the documentary film ‘Bully‘, which tells the stories of several teens who have been victimized by bullying and, in two of the cases, driven to suicide. The film focused almost exclusively on the perspective of the victims … Continue reading

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Describing the Ineffable

It happened again. I lost my daughter. Not physically (thank God), but conceptually. Earlier this week I was driving my fourth grade daughter to some after-school activity. We were having a  conversation about how  some folks seem pretty self-centered, and … Continue reading

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Chrismukkah is comin’ to town

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: time to hang up the stockings, decorate the tree, participate in the church Christmas Pageant, light the menorah and fry up some potato latkes. In other words, it’s the season to confuse … Continue reading

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Can you teach Christian ethics without Christ?

It’s already started. My daughter, who is only one month into 4th grade, has already encountered the kind of ‘mean girl’ dynamics that I so painfully associate with the Middle School experience. A few nights ago we had a long talk … Continue reading

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The Value Proposition of Saying Grace

Last Sunday was an inauspicious start of the church year. The day started out well enough. Our family attended our Presbyterian church’s “Rally Day” breakfast. Then I enjoyed a peaceful and thought-provoking worship service while my kids reconnected with their … Continue reading

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