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Summer Incognito

So here we are, halfway through summer. One of the more unusual challenges this season poses for me is that I find it particularly difficult to recognize acquaintances, and even friends, when I’m at the pool. During the rest of the year, I tend to identify … Continue reading

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Leave your fuzzy bathrobe and follow me

Last weekend our family went back-country camping. Not the I-got-a-case-of-beer-in-the-cooler-and-a two-room-tent camping. No, this is the pack-everything-you-really-need-and-put-it-on-your-back-and-hike-several-miles-in-the-mud camping.   This was our second time doing such a trip – and we love it. We bring our hound dog Phoebe (who sleeps … Continue reading

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Reflections on my Williams College 20th Reunion

While bouncing up and down to ‘Come on Eileen’, these words inexplicably popped into my head: What we have been is past. What we shall be through Christ  awaits. Not exactly a typical thought to have during my 20th college reunion … Continue reading

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